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New Adventures in Web Design

3 years ago

Simon Collison by Nate Croft

New Adventures in Web Design was the first industry web conference I had the pleasure of attending & with the star line up consisting of some of the leading designers on the web my expectations were sky high. I have attended a number of education conferences & industry events but not a specific web design one. I have also attended a number of international film festivals.

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The Digital Economy bill

4 years ago

The Digital Economy bill (#debill) was passed in the 'washup' and was granted Royal assent on the 8th of April and will come into force on June the 12th.

The Digital Economy bill

is a set of proposals designed to promote 'Digital Britain'. The Act covers many areas along with that of online copyright infringement. This area has had the most media attention as it sets out measures to disconnect users from the internet. Internet subscribers who are accused of allowing their internet connections to be used for copyright infringement (both home users and public wifi owners) are now liable even if someone else downloads or uploads something over your connection. It also outlines options to block websites and disconnect those who run these services if they are believed to be used in conjunction with copyright infringement.

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29m ago
Fuel up 18p off a litre ! Yay (@ Tesco Extra Petrol)…
30m ago
I'm at Tesco - @uktescooffers in Winchester…
1h ago
@TheMagazineApp web subscriber - will try again later - I set up my password earlier - thanks
3h ago
@alpower @seb_ly @emberapp now does text, PDFs and more since 1.7 but maybe not to the same levels yet… A few tweaks & this app will be mega
3h ago
@alpower they just need to avoid bloat and tighten up a few more things
3h ago
@alpower I’ve been following it for a while it has great potential & is just reaching it - don’t use iCloud tho
3h ago
@alpower I reviewed 1.7 on MAS check it out and I also beta tested 1.8 :)
3h ago
@TheMagazineApp cool, any reason I can’t download latest issues? I managed issue 1
3h ago
#journorequest looking to speak to disabled people turned down for Discretionary Housing Payments because of their income. RT, anon assured
3h ago
@alpower I use ember ? I Love it
3h ago
@seb_ly the UI always put me off - @emberapp is coming along nicely to content in a good good way - 1.8 out today
4h ago
@AskPlayStation charged twice for movie on ps3 then again by mistake on ps4 as it was in my basket have replied to purchase email?
5h ago
@TheMagazineApp not had chance to test new app (download failed) my main feature request remembering where I read up to within every issue
6h ago
@juspar just seen OOO reply don’t worry :) enjoy break
6h ago
@juspar sent you a thing not sure if you are able to look at today / tomorrow ? If not don’t worry
8h ago
Facebook’s “free”, limited web access… RIP network neutrality. RIP open web. RIP privacy.
7h ago
Craft beer shandy: sublime or sacrilege? Five recipes to try | Life and style |
9h ago
Check out this upcycle that article on my super talented wife @manthyprocter :) #upcycle #hats #british #unique
9h ago
Today is mainly writing stuff. @ Winchester School of Art
10h ago
Network and power up and down like a YOYO today @winchesterart

My Learning Materials

Social Web-3 years ago

Slides from a talk on the SocialWeb.

Art & the Web-3 years ago

Slides from talk to web science students at ECS department at the University of Southampton on Art & the Web.

Materials from Digital Output-4 years ago

Uploaded materials from Digital Output lecture on PDF creation and blogging for Part 1 module Research & Communcation Skills. Digital Ouput. Comments welcome as ever.

Copyleft Slides-4 years ago

Added PDF of slides and links from my copyleft lecture toEdShare.

Testing EE from iExpression-4 years ago

Bought this rather nice iPad/iPhone app for Expression Engine called iExpression. I am just setting things up to use its module to the best of its ability.